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Genuine parts are made or selected by the vehicle’s maker and rigorously tested by that maker as an integral component of the vehicle to meet high quality, safety and performance standards. This ensures that your vehicle will drive, function and protect you the way it was intended.

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Why buy genuine Hyundai parts & accessories?

Not all parts are made equal; however, all genuine Hyundai parts are specifically designed for your vehicle and work perfectly with its entire system. Not only do they keep your Hyundai in top condition, they can also add to its resale value which is beneficial when the time comes to upgrade your vehicle!

First of all, when you buy genuine Hyundai parts and accessories, you'll automatically receive manufacturer's warranty - this helps if you're ever in a sticky situation. Also, our staff are experts on everything Hyundai, so if you're after a part for your vehicle, just let us know and we'll do all the hard work for you! Quality is something you won't need to worry about when you purchase a genuine part or accessory as they've been specifically designed for your Hyundai. 

Non-Genuine Parts

If you're considering purchasing non-genuine parts for your Hyundai vehicle, there are a couple of things you need to remember before you do. 

Although non-genuine parts can at times be cheaper, this may also mean that they're lower in quality. Using non-genuine parts on your Hyundai can affect the function of many safety features built into your Hyundai which can ultimately affect your Hyundai’s warranty - that's something you don't want!

Imitation Parts

Imitation parts are cheaper versions of genuine parts, but they’re lower in quality, and putting them in your Hyundai could affect its performance and, most importantly, your safety and that of your passengers.

Second-Hand Parts

Second-hand parts are retrieved from other vehicles and although they may be Hyundai genuine parts, their previous use could have left them damaged or worn, and can put the quality of your vehicle at risk.

So, to ensure that your vehicle is running optimally and for your peace-of-mind, always insist on Hyundai genuine parts - and in choosing genuine Hyundai parts this preserves both your Hyundai and Zupps warranties.


Hyundai genuine batteries.




Hyundai genuine tyres.




Hyundai genuine oil and lubricants.



Hyundai genuine parts.

All Hyundai Genuine Parts are specially designed to fit your vehicle and work perfectly with its entire system. Not only do they help keep your Hyundai in top condition, they can add to its resale value. 

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Air filters.

Hyundai Genuine Air Filters utilise the latest filtering technology to block the majority of airborne dust and debris from entering your engine, offering maximum protection and durability.

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Hyundai genuine brake pads.

It is important to replace your brake pads with Hyundai Genuine Brake Pads when required as they may cause significant damage to other components of the vehicle’s braking system which can lead to costly repairs.



*Recommended retail prices include GST, the cost of the brake pads and labour required for fitment (RRP) and are available at participating Hyundai dealers only. Cost of machining or replacement of brake discs is not included. The RRP for SUV vehicles does not include or apply to Santa Fe SR models. See your participating Hyundai dealer for details. RRPs are valid as at 04 April 2018 and are subject to change at any time without notice. Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Limited (ABN 58 008 995 588) does not warrant or represent the completeness or accuracy of this information and to the extent permitted by law is not liable to any person as a result of reliance on it.


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Smooth changing clutch disc.

The Hyundai Genuine Clutch Disc normalises irregular engine shocks coming from the wheels during a slip or damper of the clutch. It enables smooth gear changes to be made, with a positive and unobstructive motion.

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Fuel filters.

Hyundai Genuine Fuel Filters block dirt particles and other contaminants from entering your engine and are treated with a high-quality anti-corrosion finish to prevent possible rust caused by water collected by the filter.

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Oil filter.

Hyundai Genuine Oil Filters will ensure that you get the best performance from your engine for many years to come. They maintain high performance and prolong the life of your engine, and help to avoid costly repairs.

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Perfect timing belts.

A timing belt controls and connects related engine components to operate in set time and achieve smooth engine strokes of suction, compression, combustion and exhaust – in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +140°C.