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IONIQ Electric

The electric lifestyle.

It’s time to plug-into the future of driving.


Power: 88kW


Battery Warranty: 8 YearsI1


Charge Time: 4h 25mC1

Ready to electrify your drive?

The IONIQ Electric offers you the perfect transition to zero-emission electric driving. The large-capacity battery delivers 230kmR1 on a single charge and will reach 80% capacity in less than 25 minutesC2 via a 100kW DC fast charger.




Go The Distance.

Whether you’re road-tripping or zipping around the city, drive up to 230kmR1 on a single charge.



Charge Your Way.

Power up at home or on the go at the ever-expanding number of electric charging stations around the country.

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative Braking.

Reuse Power with Regenerative Braking.

Power-saving technology captures energy when braking, enhancing efficiency while maximising your drive.

Charge while you work.

Electric Charge
Charging Stations

30% increase in charging stations since last year.

The number of electric vehicle charging stations are increasing incredibly quickly as more and more people woke up to the potential of these innovative cars.


With multiple cables and charging options, you can charge your IONIQ Electric when it’s parked at home in your garage, or in the office carpark. In fact, top up your charge anywhere there’s a socket handy!


Home Charger.C3

Power up in the comfort of your home garage with the built-in wall charger. This can provide a 100% charge in 4 hours 25 minutesC1. Schedule your charge times to make most of off-peak electricity, knowing your vehicle will be ready to go when you need it.


Emergency Cable.C4

Use this versatile cable when on the go or away from home. Equipped with a regular 3 pin connector, simply connect to a standard household charging point for easy charging.


Fast Charging Station (DC).

Visit DC fast charging stations that can power up your IONIQ Electric up to 80% in approximately 23 minutesC2, on a 100kW DC charger.

Charging to fit your lifestyle.

Charging your IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid or Electric will become a part of your routine, whether that’s at home or out and about. See which charger fits your lifestyle.

Owning an IONIQ Electric has its benefits.

Hyundai Auto Link.

Hyundai Auto Link.

The IONIQ Electric vehicle is fitted with Hyundai Auto Link allowing you to monitor your driving habits, remotely start your engine from your smartphone, remotely access air conditioning unit and send emergency alert messages in the event of vehicle accidents.

Find out more.

8 year battery warranty.

8 year battery warranty.

There’s a generous 8-year or 160,000kmI1 warranty on the battery, giving you that extra peace of mind when driving with the IONIQ Electric.

Hyundai CarPlan.

Hyundai CarPlan.

Hyundai CarPlan provides financing options for your IONIQ, and provides flexibility at the end of your finance contract. Calculate your Hyundai CarPlan finance options.

Find out more.


Sleek, efficient design.

Electric Exterior
Electric Exterior 2

Designed to maximise performance whilst turning heads. The sleek aerodynamic silhouette has been created with aesthetics and efficiency in mind.


A welcoming interior.

Electric Interior
Electric Interior 2

Prepare for next-level comfort and convenience with fully integrated technology to meet your every need.


Enjoy the convenience of integrated technology from the moment you sit behind the wheel.

Smart Mobile Charging

Smart mobile charging.P1

Never worry about a low battery again. This charging pad is simple to use and ready for any situation.

Heated and ventilated seats

Heated and ventilated seats.P2

Year-round comfort is always on offer with seats that can both warm you up or cool you down.

Push button start

Push button start.

You can keep your keys lost in your handbag or pockets. Just one push of a button whilst depressing the brake pedal will start your car.

Rear View Camera

Rear view camera.

The rear camera ensures you are aware of all obstacles in your blind spot when in reverse for a stress-free experience.

Hyundai Multimedia system

Hyundai Multimedia System.

The system hosts a range of connectivity features including Bluetooth©, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can stay connected with friends and family, access your favourite playlists or explore new paths using satellite navigation.

Technology 3


Safety 1

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist.

Uses a camera and radar to help detect potential collisions and alert you or auto-apply the brakes if you don’t have time.

Safety 1

Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW).

If a vehicle is present in the IONIQ’s blind spot, the system gives you an alert should you begin to change lanes.

Safety 1

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA).

Alerts you when you unintentionally stray away from your lane. Also provides gentle steering guidance which can be turned on or off to keep you centred in the lane.

Smart Cruise Control

Smart Cruise Control.

Monitors vehicles ahead of you and automatically maintains a safe distance to the vehicle ahead up to a pre-set speed.

Safety 2
Safety 2

All images are Overseas model shown. Specifications of Australian market vehicles may vary.

C1 IONIQ Electric boasts a charging rate up to 6.6kW that takes just 4 hours 25 minutes to charge.

C2 With IONIQ Electric, you can visit DC fast charging stations that charges your IONIQ up to 80% in as little as 23 minutes with up to 100kW charging. Charging times may increase if peak charging rates are not achieved.

C3 Charging times may increase if peak charging rates are not achieved. Available for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid only. The product can only be installed by a licensed contractor, or a licensed electrician in accordance with all applicable state, local and national electrical codes and standards and in a location with non-restricted access. Before installing the product, please review the product manual carefully and consult with a licensed contractor or licensed electrician. Use appropriate protection when connecting to the main power distribution cable.

C4 Only use the charging cable that is suitable for your electric vehicle. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for defects associated with a faulty charging unit or vehicle. Suitable for use indoors. Suitable for use and outdoors, including in light rain conditions. Not suitable for use in other rain conditions. Do not submerge in water. Do not allow minors to operate. Please check compatibility with the supplier before using.

I1 IONIQ battery comes with an 8 year or 160,000km warranty whichever occurs first. For full terms and conditions of the IONIQ warranty, visit Warranty Terms and Conditions.

P1 Wireless smartphone charger requires a Qi-enabled smartphone or adaptor to operate. Available on IONIQ EV Premium only.

P2 Heated and ventilated seats only available on IONIQ EV Premium model.

R1 Range of 230km is based on Hyundai testing under optimum driving conditions. Actual driving results will vary depending on a combination of driving style, type of journey, vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, use of vehicle features (such as heating and air conditioning), as well as operating, environmental and climate condition.


Exterior - Overseas model shown

Charge and Distance

Real-world range based on Hyundai testing under optimum driving conditions. Actual driving results will vary depending on a combination of driving style, type of journey, vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, use of vehicle features (such as heating and air conditioning), as well as operating, environmental and climate conditions. You can achieve full charge using one of our Type 2 AC Home Charging Units in 4 Hours and 25 Minutes.

Charge and distance calculated on an estimated maximum range of 230km and consumption rate of 121.7Wh/km as based on Hyundai testing under optimum driving conditions. Actual driving results will vary depending on a combination of driving style, type of journey, vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, use of vehicle features (such as heating and air conditioning), traffic conditions, as well as operating, environmental and climate condition. Assumes battery is fully charged at commencement of trip.

Fuel saving

This tool is for illustrative purposes only. A consumption rate of combined 6.4L/100km has been assumed. Actual consumption rate and fuel savings for your vehicle may differ.

Cost to run

This tool is for illustrative purposes only. The national average of 15,530kms an Australian motorist drives each year with an average electricity cost per kWh at $0.34 has been assumed. Actual cost to run for your vehicle may differ.

Annual C02 reduction

Annual CO2 reduction is calculated based on 181.7g/km being the national average carbon dioxide emissions intensity from new passenger and light commercial vehicles (see here for information) compared to IONIQ EV's CO2 emissions of 0g/km.

Under the ACT Green Vehicle Scheme

All newly registered rating 'A' vehicles are exempt from paying stamp duty in the Australian Capital Territory. To take advantage of the incentive you must have the right to register in the ACT (eg. hold an ACT Drivers Licence). Eligibility can be confirmed with the Roads and Traffic Authority. Please note that previously registered vehicles are not eligible for the exemption.

Hyundai SmartSense™

Hyundai SmartSense™ is a registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company. Safety features are not a substitute for attentive driving.

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